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A Web Application for Data Monitoring in Epidemiological and Clinical Studies

Square\(^2\) is a web-application having all study data and metadata are stored in databases. The application targets a different user type with low technical requirements on the user side. Square manages user rights and roles to enable assessments without direct access to the underlying study data. Square² may prohibit direct study data access. Reporting is only possible for assigned subsets of the study data. From a data protection perspective, this is a huge advantage for complex studies with many collaborators. All routines developed in this project are integrated and Square\(2\) can easily be extended by similar packages that follow dataquieR’s code and metadata format conventions.

Square\(^2\) will be made available under the AGPL-3.0.

The current version comes as a docker-stack (docker-compose.yml and images on request), which will be available from and Docker Hub.