Support functions

The indicator functions are supported by 134 support functions. 27 of them directly support the user of dataquieR (preparation functions) while the others are called by the indicator functions (utility functions).

Illustration of Dependencies

The graph below illustrates the important role support functions play. Each circle represents a function from the package. An arrow is drawn from one function to some other function, if a function calls that other function.

All functions have prefixes to categorise them. There are prefixes for each data quality dimension (processability, completeness, correctness/consistency, correctness/accuracy). Additionally, there are prefixes for preparation functions and for utility functions.

Preparation functions

The table below lists all preparation functions supporting users of the dataquieR package preparing their data to fit the package’s conventions.

Utility functions

The table below lists all utility functions supporting all other functions of the dataquieR. The utility functions are intended for internal checks that many functions need.